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Pawn Loans in Lewisville, TX

At Max Money Pawn, our goal is to provide our customers with options to get the cash they need in order to meet their goals. Our locally owned and operated business provides short-term loans on jewelry, electronics and other collateral that traditional lenders would never consider. We are also available to buy your merchandise, should you prefer to release the item to us rather than pawning it.
In addition to offering pawn loans and buying merchandise, we offer an incredible variety of items for sell at fantastic prices. Visit us today to see what we have in store for you.
Money In Wallet – Pawn Shop in Lewisville, TX


Our pawn shop offers loans on your jewelry, electronics, musical instruments or other belongings. Bring your valuables to us as collateral for the money you are borrowing and we will provide a short-term loan (typically 60 days). Once you pay off your loan, you'll receive your items back. If you can't pay off the loan, you can forfeit the item to meet the terms of the loan. If you need to, we may be able to extend the loan. Just give us a call.


Come browse our expansive inventory for a wide variety of useful and valuable merchandise. We sell jewelry, Blu-Ray players, video game systems, SLR cameras and so much more. We offer amazing prices that are hard to pass on and every purchase includes a 14-day guarantee. Ask about our easy and convenient layaway plans.


Feel free to sell your items outright if you prefer not to have a loan. We make the effort to offer you as much as we can for your valuable possessions. If you have unwanted items of value, bring them to us and we'll pay cash. We buy gold, electronics, musical instruments, gift cards and more.

Gift Cards

We are buying gifts cards from most major U.S. retailers. We are paying 50-70% of gift card value depending on the retailer.
Cash for Gold – Pawn Loan in Lewisville, TX

Private Consultations

While there is nothing wrong or embarrassing about a pawn loan, if you prefer confidentiality, we will be more than happy to schedule a meeting in which you and a member of our team can speak one-on-one to evaluate your items. Our shop features a private area where we can complete your pawn loan or selling transactions with greater privacy.
If you need more information about pawn loans or have other questions, call Max Money Pawn at 972-420-7600.